Dieppe – 70 years ago

Yesterday marked the seventieth anniversary of the Dieppe raid on France. A cross-channel effort so badly flawed that Allied troops were massacred as they landed. Almost 60% who made it ashore

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Inspired by Edith Wharton

I had never read Edith Wharton until I stumbled upon her collection of articles Fighting France: From Dunkerque to Belfort available online from Project Gutenberg. Having moved to Paris prior to WWI, Wharton

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WWI Trench Standing Orders

Having spent much of the past four weeks analyzing and reporting on my historical fiction survey, I thought it time to offer something different. This post originally appeared in my

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Peronne Museum dedicated to WWI

When I visited the war museum in Peronne, France, I was struck by its compelling simplicity, the displays laid out in simple frames on the floor, cream walls unadorned except

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WWI official diaries

During WWI, official war diaries were a matter of standard practice, recording day by day  the events that occupied millions of men. The following post originally occurred in One Writer’s

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Finding History in Hackney

While on leave in London, June 1918, my WWI soldier, Martin Devlin, visits the home of his sweetheart, Cynthia Gibson. For some reason – probably because I knew the town

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