A Writer of History – One Year Later

1st Year AWOHOn February 8, 2012, I wrote the first post for this blog. I began with the objective of exploring historical fiction as a genre, but I’ve occasionally posted about my own writing and the research I’ve done concerning WWI and WWII. Lately, I’ve added a few pieces on self-publishing and being an author-entrepreneur.
Looking back, a few highlights stand out for me.

  • 130 posts that have sparked over 500 comments
  • over 24,000 views from 121 countries
  • highest viewing day (511 views) occurred when I released the historical fiction survey results
  • the survey has generated significant interest including an opportunity to speak at the Historical Novel Society in London, as well as a number of guest posts
  • many interviews with well known historical fiction authors
  • many interviews with new or debut authors of historical fiction
  • several interviews with historical fiction bloggers

Along the way, I dissected the ingredients of favourite historical fiction, considered ways for authors to connect to readers, mused on social media, revealed some of my favourite WWI websites and reviewed a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction. Finding new friends in the historical fiction community has been a very special, added bonus.
For some, these results will seem trivial. But I’m more than pleased! So here we go … on to year two.

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14 Responses

  1. I can’t believe it’s been only 1 year! You’ve given us so much information, it seems like 5 years. Congratulations and keep up the great work, and thank you for keeping us abreast of trends. You do an awesome job!

  2. Mary, I am not a writer, but a READER, and I have enjoyed the blog! I feel privileged to call you a friend….

  3. I am a late follower but enjoy your blog because it touches so much on what I’m doing. We’ve both done research on both world wars and I have enjoyed reading about how your approach things and what you are currently working on. Just wish I was as organised as you in regards to blogging, lol. Happy First Year!

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