2024 Reader Survey

Hi all – a brief request to add your voice to the 2024 Reader Survey. In surveys, the more the merrier. More data – more interesting results. You can also

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5 Recent Reads

While writing That Was Then, a contemporary thriller, I often chose books in that genre. However, my love of historical fiction remains. So, what have I read lately? Becoming Madame

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Sleeping Beside an Elephant

Canadians often talk about ‘sleeping beside an elephant’ in terms of our relationship with the United States. As in, there can be dire consequences if the elephant rolls over. For

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Books and Friendship Without Borders

Jacqueline Dubois Pasquier responded to a post featuring author and editor Maggie Scott’s thoughts on successful historical fiction. Turns out that Jacqueline is the founding facilitator of a bookclub for

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Hidden or merely unknown history?

As mentioned in Monday’s post, Exsilium is author Alison Morton’s latest novel. Alison writes thrillers and has two ongoing series: Roma Nova, an alternative history series, and Melisende, a European

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Flywheel for Authors

On Friday, our son dropped in to store some things in our basement. Yes, even adult children with their own houses apparently need to use their parent’s basement. While chatting

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