WWI – Working the Mines

Researching WWI has occupied many, many hours in the past five years. At times I wanted to weep, at other times rage overwhelmed me. At all times I felt the

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WWII Red Cross Shipment

Revising is a tough business. Scenes and sentences requiring hours of research and writing time must be sacrificed in the interests of story arc, pacing and emphasis. Sigh – it’s

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WWI Air Raid in Paris

Some time ago I discovered Mildred Aldrich writing about WWI through letters to friends and family at home. One collection is called A Hilltop on the Marne, others are On

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March 4, 1943 Radio Broadcast

My grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel L.E. James was the commander of ‘A’ Corps Reserves during WWII. As such he was often called on for interviews in Toronto Newspapers and on radio.

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Historical Fiction Author Jennifer Niven

Jennifer Niven is an accomplished writer of both fiction and nonfiction. Her latest novel, Becoming Clementine, launches tomorrow, September 25. Jennifer graciously agreed to be interviewed for A Writer of

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