Unexpected Treasures

I’m becoming a firm believer in the adage that you never know what each day will bring – today was no exception. Since my mother is moving to a retirement residence, we are working to get her home ready for sale by decluttering drawers, closets and cupboards. Some of you will know that Unravelled, my debut novel, includes elements based on my grandparents’ lives and I was delighted to discover several unexpected treasures from their past as Mom and I worked away. Here’s one of them:

SS Troopers Stationary Box

SS Stationary Box SS SymbolSwastikaWhile my grandfather did not go overseas in WWII (he had been in France and Belgium during the first war), he was a Lt. Colonel in the Reserves and family history suggests that he had something to do with WWII espionage efforts. A friend sent him this SS Troopers Stationary Box with the following note:

Breda Holland, 24 Jul 45

Dear Les,

Thought you might like this SS troopers stationary box. I picked several up at the former SS HQ in Hamburg some time ago. Will also have a German field set as a souvenir for the mess, but may bring that myself. Hope to be home in a month or so.


Alex Genik

Secret Command Document2 Secret Command DocumentThe box measures roughly 6″ by 8″ and is 2″ high.

The note enclosed inside the stationary box was on light orange stationary which when unfolded revealed a standard form Geheime Kommandosache – or Secret Command Document. (You will notice that someone has typed an English translation below each of the section of this firm.)

How’s that for an unexpected treasure? More later.

11 thoughts on “Unexpected Treasures”

    1. TX Coldhand Boyack … the espionage part is very cool! I’ve collected quite a lot of info about the Camp not far from Toronto where they trained spies from all parts of the British empire as well as the US. Unfortunately, records pertaining to those who served in this effort were destroyed so I have no way to prove that my grandfather’s involvement.

  1. Really interesting Mary. Would like to see it. By the way, any idea who Alex Genek is or was?

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Just might, Denise! I have a third one waiting for me to return to writing rather than marketing and publishing. I could weave in the photo at the Bonn bridge and maybe the writing box – you’ve just given me a great idea!

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