2012 Top Authors – Replaced by Updated Post

PLEASE NOTE: this post has been replaced with a corrected list at 2012 Favourite Historical Fiction Authors.

2 thoughts on “2012 Top Authors – Replaced by Updated Post”

  1. Jane Austin is a historical author didn’t write Historical Fiction. Charles Dickens also but shouldn’t Sheakspeare count? Jean Auel wrote Pre-Historical fiction more like fantasy. Missing is Nigel Tranter with his huge body of work covering the vast sweep of Scottish History. His books can be found in every library and op-shop in this country Australia and I bet that is even more true of Britain. I know pick pick pick but it is just for fun 🙂

    1. You’re right about Jane Austen & for the most part, Charles Dickens, Peter. They were on last year’s list and this year’s survey question specifically mentioned that they are not strictly speaking historical fiction authors (although someone did quibble with that since Dickens wrote two historicals). As for Shakespeare, I suspect most people think of him as a playwright and not a fiction writer. Nigel Tranter had 8 mentions, not enough to make the cutoff (I remember being enchanted with his novels.) Thanks for stopping by.

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