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The Campaign Business

That Was Then features a fictional campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. What goes on in a campaign? Who are the people behind the scenes? What behind-the-scenes scandals can occur? In

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5 Recent Reads

While writing That Was Then, a contemporary thriller, I often chose books in that genre. However, my love of historical fiction remains. So, what have I read lately? Becoming Madame

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Sleeping Beside an Elephant

Canadians often talk about ‘sleeping beside an elephant’ in terms of our relationship with the United States. As in, there can be dire consequences if the elephant rolls over. For

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Covers create interest

As an indie author, I work with other professionals to create a finished product. Yes, I used the word product! In my case, this includes an editor, a marketing professional,

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What Makes a Thriller?

As mentioned in the last post, my new novel is a contemporary thriller featuring identical twins where one disappears and the other takes over her life. What is it about

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