Memorial to Pigeon Soldiers

Yes, a pigeon memorial! in 1936, at the entrance to the Lille Zoo, the French Federation of Pigeon Fanciers erected a memorial ‘to the 20,000 pigeons who died for their

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WWI Diaries Tell A Poignant Tale

While researching for my novels Unravelled, Lies Told in Silence and my work-in-progress called Time & Regret, I’ve come across many WWI diaries written by soldiers both young and not-so-young,

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The heartbeat of war

Imagine reading the newspapers in late July and early August of 1914: July 28 – Austria declares war on Serbia and Russia begins to mobilize in Serbia’s defence; August 1 –

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Unexpected Treasure Part II

Further treasures unearthed in my mother’s home. This is my grandfather’s regiment gathered for a commemorative photo of their time as part of the occupying force in Germany after World

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World War I Non-Fiction

The media is full of information on WWI leading up to the 100th anniversary of the beginning of that ‘war to end all wars’ and the New York Times Book Review

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