WWI Fashion

Life – the Mid-Century Issue

I’ve written before of the bits of treasure unearthed as Mom and I cleared out her condo — letters and photos and mementos from long ago. Someone treasured them then

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French Weddings Circa WWI

When I decided to include a wedding in my upcoming novel Lies Told in Silence, research was my first thought. What were the etiquette and customs for French weddings and

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WWI Fashion Revisited

One of the most visited posts on A Writer of History is WWI Fashion so I decided to do a second post and a deeper dive into the factors influencing

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WWI Fashion – a time of change

For additional articles about WWI Fashion, visit French Weddings Circa WWI and WWI Fashion Revisited. Lies Told in Silence, soon to release, is set in WWI France with characters representing

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