WWI – what are YOU reading?

Starshine by John WilcoxIn my little world of writing novels set in WWI, the month of May 1914 marks the opening chapter of Lies Told in Silence. When I first began writing this story, I did not imagine publishing it during the centenary of that dreadful war’s commencement. However, hundreds of other authors and publishers had that very plan such that readers are now faced with a plethora of fiction and non-fiction choices.

Roughly a month ago, Lucy Byatt, Features Coordinator for the Historical Novel Society, asked me to help develop an article featuring recent WWI novels, exploring their themes and other aspects for the society’s August magazine. Rubbing my hands with glee – yes, I know I’m obsessed – I agreed straight away and now have five novels to read and consider in the next six weeks.

What I want from you, dear readers, is your thoughts on reading about WWI. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEFORE VENTURED A COMMENT, PLEASE DO SO by answering any of the following questions.

  • what fiction or non-fiction have you recently read or are you planning to read about WWI?
  • why are you interested in WWI?
  • what themes appeal to you in your WWI reading?

The Care and Management of Lies by John WilcoxMany thanks … here’s the list I’ve agreed to read for the HNS article:

  • The Care and Management of Lies by Jacqueline Winspear
  • The Storms of War by Katie Williams
  • Starshine by John Wilcox
  • A Star for Mrs. Blake by April Smith
  • The Russian Tapestry by Banafsheh Serov

PS – feel free to share this post so others can respond too