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Life’s a Roller Coaster

I went spinning last week. The first ten minutes are always tough. That’s when your legs are saying “what the heck are you doing to us?” and your heart is

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Plans for 2019

Since more than a week of February has already passed by, I’m a little late with 2019 planning. Nevertheless, I persist because I’m a planning sort of woman. Without a

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When dithering descends

I have this thing I do when my mind is muddled, my direction uncertain, and reality is not quite as hoped – I clean my desk and files. Somehow an

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6 Musings on Writing

January and a new year. A time for reflecting, for planning, and in my case, a time to think about writing. Last year’s overarching goals were: (1) Novels that are recognized

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Hermit or Cocooning?

  During a three-year expat assignment in Hong Kong, I had a lot of time to myself. Time to discover not only the completely foreign world I then lived in, but

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