Twitter Bits

Small bits of wisdom found on Twitter this morning. I’m in a contemplative mood. I woke beautiful. You woke beautiful. Let’s create beautiful together. @ReeseAdeney Be kind, for everyone you

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Slow down world, I’m overloaded

Four years ago, I began blogging; two years ago, I embraced Facebook; eighteen months ago, I dipped my toe into Twitter and Goodreads. ‘Social media is essential to writers’ I had

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Does social media have rules?

Last week I looked at Twitter and Facebook and several folks offered comments on their preferences. From my own observations, it seems that writers use both venues with success. Regardless

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Thoughts on Twitter

Like many folks, I’m trying to figure out Twitter. Tiny bursts of writing that often include Bitly links or some other unintelligible characters do not make for easy reading. Two

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Meet M.K.Tod

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