Reading historical fiction varies by country – part 2

A few days ago, I posted part 1 of reading varies by country. Now that I’ve crunched the numbers using handy dandy Excel, I have the top 20 favourite authors by country for you.

Who are your favourite authors?

As predicted, the top 20 authors vary by country. At times an author garners many votes in one country and almost none in the other often reflecting an author’s country of origin. Diana Gabaldon is one example with 460 US mentions and only 30 UK mentions. On the flip side, Manda Scott earned 36 UK mentions and only 7 US mentions. Bear in mind that 1381 US participants answered this question in comparison with 505 UK participants.

First a look at US favourite authors:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.09.33 PM


And now, compare to UK favourite authors:Favourite UK Authors

Quite the variation, don’t you think? Any theories? Love to hear them!