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WWII Red Cross Shipment

Revising is a tough business. Scenes and sentences requiring hours of research and writing time must be sacrificed in the interests of story arc, pacing and emphasis. Sigh – it’s

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March 4, 1943 Radio Broadcast

My grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel L.E. James was the commander of ‘A’ Corps Reserves during WWII. As such he was often called on for interviews in Toronto Newspapers and on radio.

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Help was merely pixels away

What do you do when you have a problem you can’t solve? You seek help, of course. Sometimes you know exactly where to find help. At other times, you don’t

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An old gig called me back

After more than three years writing full-time a very good friend asked me to help her run a client workshop with over 120 people in attendance, so last week was

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Meet M.K.Tod

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