What’s Amazon Up to Now?

Amazon daily offerJust a few days ago, something unusual appeared in my inbox. No, not a winning lottery ticket or a publishing contract (I wish) but an offer from Amazon. Looks like they’re taking a shot at Groupon, the group coupon folks, with daily local deals and HUGE savings.

Where is this behemoth going? What new business model are they exploring now? They already have an amazing distribution capability, a large and diverse collection of suppliers, an incredibly robust technology platform AND a wealth of data about customers. So why these extra daily deals that focus on local businesses?

I suppose if you were Five Star Painting and wanted to secure new customers, you might be more than tempted when Amazon offers access to their database of people living in Chicago who like to purchase online. All that marketing work you don’t need to do!

However, in this particular case, there’s a problem because I don’t live in Chicago.┬áMy daughter lives in Chicago and I recently sent a gift to her that I purchased on Amazon. But she’s not receiving the offers, I am.

Shall I tell them? Nah. It’s more fun to write about it.