Ingredients of Favourite Historical Fiction – at Passages to the Past

Unravelled Blog TourPassages to the Past is the wonderful historical fiction blog of Amy Bruno. I first heard of Passages to the Past when it was chosen as one of the top four favourite blog sites by participants of my 2012 reader survey. Since then, Amy and I have corresponded back and forth, however, this is the first time we’ve coordinated a post and I am truly delighted to be on her site.

The topic is Ingredients of Favourite Historical Fiction. Here’s the first few sentences.

“The 2012 survey I conducted showed that the top three reasons people read historical fiction are to bring the past to life, to enjoy a great story and to understand and learn. But what is the magic formula that makes the very best historical fiction stand out?…”

Amy is also offering a giveaway.

Unravelled Blog Tour – Let Them Read Books

Unravelled Blog TourI’m delighted to be at Jenny Quinlan‘s book blog today – Let Them Read Books – with a giveaway and my story of becoming a writer. Jenny is the wonderful woman who edited Unravelled and designed the cover. So many people have said they LOVE the cover that I have lost count! It will come as no surprise that I have already asked her to edit my next novel which I hope to have out in March 2014.

Here’s the opening few sentences:

Summer 2004 changed my life. In July of that year, my husband’s firm asked him to consider a three-year assignment to Hong Kong. We hesitated only long enough to consult with our children and mothers, then plunged into planning a move, riding the waves of euphoria for the next few months. Everything seemed full of possibilities…

Unravelled Blog Tour is at Fear Not the Darkness

Unravelled Blog TourSheilagh Lee over at Fear Not the Darkness has a review of Unravelled this morning and I’m delighted that she agreed to participate in the blog tour. She gives Unravelled 3 1/2 stars and has this to say:

“Anyone who enjoys character rich and historically accurate world war books will enjoy this novel. This manuscript shows the gritty underside of war and how it affects not only soldiers, but those left behind and how we struggle to make sense of it all, while still trying to maintain relationships in a crumbling world.”

There is also a giveaway copy on offer!

Thank you, Sheilagh.