Unravelled blog tour – book review at Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog

Unravelled Blog TourUnravelled blog tour is at Carol Wright’s blog Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog. I discovered Carol  at least a year ago when I was looking for a book recommendation. She is a voracious reader with a broad mix of book reviews. Carol graciously agreed to read Unravelled and blog about it. I’m thrilled she enjoyed it so much.

Here’s her summary and you can read the entire post over at Dizzy C’s. Many thanks, Carol.

“I could not decide whether this is a Historical Romance or an Historical Fiction, I believe it can settle in both of these sub-genres . It is beautifully written.  Each scene in the trenches was informative and gripping. Each love scene was passionate and tugged at the heart strings, sometime for those missed years. 

If you asked me to recommend just one Historical Fiction novel to read this year, Unravelled would be my choice.

5 out of 5!  Stunning debut!”


Unravelled blog tour – with Helen Hollick

Unravelled Blog TourToday’s blog tour stop is with Helen Hollick, author of historical fiction and historical adventure. The topic is My Year of Reading Top Historical Fiction Authors.

Helen Hollick is one of the top 40 authors selected in last year’s reader survey and has been on A Writer of History talking about her writing. She has written several series: The Sea Witch Voyages, The Saxon Series and Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy. I’ve already enjoyed two of her novels since becoming aware of her books!

Here’s the opening few sentences:

Last year’s historical fiction survey revealed a top 40 list of authors. Some authors were already familiar to me—Elizabeth Chadwick, Sharon Kay Penman, for example—others like CW Gortner, Deanna Raybourn, and Helen Hollick were unknown. Discovering new authors is a gift and having a list with several new names felt like Christmas….

My great thanks to Helen for her support!

Hooked on Unravelled – Creative Cynchronicity

Unravelled Blog Tour

Yesterday, Cyn Gagen who runs Creative Cynchronicity made my day, and I mean she really made my day. Cyn published her review about Unravelled and gave it FIVE stars. According to Cyn’s rating scheme, five stars means “DO NOT DISTURB ME while I read this amazing book. Seriously, I will hurt you.”

Here’s how the review begins:

“I have to admit it – when i was first given the opportunity to read an advance copy of Unravelled by Canadian author, M.K. Tod, I was a bit wary.  I love reading, I love historical fiction – but reading about war?  Not so much.  I anticipated perhaps having to drag myself through the book without actually enjoying it.  I was SO wrong.  By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked.  I mean, really, really hooked.  I started reading it on a long plane trip and every time they made me turn off my electronic devices I was counting down the minutes until I could dive back into this book once again….

Beyond book reviews, Cyn describes her blog as being “all about celebrating the joy, fun, and creativity in every day!  And what’s a celebration without sharing it with your friends?” She offers articles about food, crafts, family activities and much more.

Thanks Cyn – I’m so pleased you enjoyed Unravelled!!!