Last week I built a website, a simple one that features my author name and gives readers a place to check me out while giving me a more permanent place for information about my novels and such.

Many of you will know I’ve invested a lot of time in building this blog, offering content with a particular focus on¬†readers and writers of historical fiction. A Writer of History will remain the primary venue for sharing information, however, with a novel soon to be published by Lake Union and two other novels ‘out there’, it seems more than sensible to create a landing spot for queries about M.K. Tod.

So here it is … and I would be very grateful for your feedback. Should you choose to publicize it in any way, I would be very grateful for that too ūüôā


Will the real M.K. Tod please stand up?

Photos from my early career days
Photos from my early career days

Perhaps you’re tired of serious posts about the writing of historical fiction, the analysis of who reads, who writes, what makes this or that author/book successful. And then there are the posts about social reading and the dynamics of the publishing industry. Give it a rest, why don’t you, Mary?

So today’s post is personal, a post about the woman behind the blog. Who exactly is she? Of course, I’m still trying to figure that out and I suspect I will be in that state forever.

On the factual side, I’m in my sixties, have been married more than 40 years to a man I met in high school, have two adult children, and one grandchild. I live in the beautiful city of Toronto and have done so for more than 35 years (except for 3 years in Hong Kong) – the only thing that isn’t beautiful about our city is its winters. I’m a bit of a klutz in the sporting department, but I love to hike and golf (I can actually manage to hit that tiny white ball!) Oh, and I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Computer Science.¬†Before embarking on a writing career, I worked in the technology industry and the consulting field achieving relatively senior management roles along the way.

I’m a feminist. I can’t recall exactly when I took up the cause – perhaps it was after reading Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique? Perhaps it was my grade 12¬†physics teach who made fun of me in a class where I was the only girl. Perhaps it was the interview I had in my last year of university with a banking type who asked if I planned to have children. Whatever the initial catalyst, I’ve been committed ever since to female empowerment and equal opportunity.

I’m a problem solver. Give me a situation and I look for solutions. I particularly enjoy finding solutions that are non-traditional and do not conform to the way things have always been done.

I love managing people. Early on in my career, I was called ‘mother Mary’ because I was the one others on the team came¬†to when they had problems. Perhaps I was empathetic? Perhaps,¬†a good listener? In any event, after being promoted to management I hit my stride in the business world.

I’m impulsive. Unlike my lovely husband, I often act before thinking which has definitely landed me in trouble from time to time.

I’m a team player. I love the dynamic of teams both large and small. It’s the aspect I miss most as a writer and I suppose I look for teams even in this virtual world of authors collaborating and helping one another.

Occasionally, I’m a shit-disturber. I try to rein in this aspect of my personality, but it sneaks out from time to time.

So, that’s a few personal tidbits about the real M.K. Tod. Who knows, I may be back with more.

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M.K. Tod writes historical fiction and blogs about all aspects of the genre at A Writer of History. Her latest novel, TIME AND REGRET will be published by Lake Union on August 16, 2016.

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