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4 star review

“Unravelled is the first book I can think of that combines both a husband’s experiences and inner workings and that of his wife, with all the loneliness, hurt and healing that is sure to happen with the continual ebb and flow of uncertainty … I was continually impressed with the obvious research that went into writing Unravelled. The descriptions of war – both the planning and training aspects as well as the actual fighting – were fascinating and incredibly vivid. M.K. Tod did a fantastic job of balancing both this raw physicality with the emotional and mental goings on of the characters.” Colleen posting on Goodreads and

5 star reviewIndie Editor’s Choice: This moving novel is an emotional ride through memories, both harsh and cruel and loving and gentle. Expertly written and researched, the sights, sounds, smells, and experiences of those young men during a time of unimaginable horrors is brought vividly to life … There is an abundance of superbly written detail woven into the story, done with skill and compassion. In addition, the presentation of the book is on a par with any mainstream published book, from the quality of the cover to the layout of text; this is how all indie published books should look and feel: professional.

A passionate, unmissable read.  reviewed for the Historical Novel Society by Helen Hollick, author of historical adventure novels

5 star review“I was looking for something set in the WW1 period, and I was NOT disappointed in M K Tod’s Unravelled. Edward drew me in from the first chapter, his reaction to seeing his lost love mesmerized me. The characters of Edward and Ann are so finely drawn you feel as if you knew them when…. And then there is Helene, a woman who is wise enough to know, deep in her soul, that to act on the ‘if only’ aspect of re-kindling their long lost love would, in the end, destroy it. A wonderful read..” Reviewed by Kris H. on Amazon

5 star reviewIf you asked me to recommend just one Historical Fiction novel to read this year, Unravelled would be my choice. Carol Wright of Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog

5 star reviewDespite being set in a turbulent time and having a sombre theme, I was totally transported into the lives of Ann and Edward in this book that is full of passion and intrigue … beautifully worded and very moving.  French Village Diaries book reviewer

5 star review“Unravelled tells a bold story. It is a story of love and war. As the book unfolds, we see how love tugs at the bonds of war just as war tugs at the bonds of love. Even as the book educates the reader about WWI and WWII, it takes the reader backstage into a very private, intimate world. Almost before the reader realizes it, the book is exploring and dealing with many of the mores of the day. It provides both an entertaining and serious peek into family life during wartime. I highly recommend Unravelled.” Mark G. on Amazon

Book blogger Tara at Boomda’s Little Corner said: “As the title hints, stories unravel on the stage of World War. M.K. Tod creates a narrative that presents an honest look at marriage after adultery. It is a fantastic mix of fiction supported by research and nonfiction. What drew me to the story was an incredible balance of graphic detail and humanity.”

“Anyone who enjoys character rich and historically accurate world war books will enjoy this novel. This manuscript shows the gritty underside of war and how it affects not only soldiers, but those left behind and how we struggle to make sense of it all, while still trying to maintain relationships in a crumbling world.” book blogger Sheilagh at Fear not the Darkness

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  1. Mary, I just finished reading Unravelled and have to say what a fantastic read this has been. As you know, I am a slow reader, and often take long to finish any book I undertake. But I found I couldn’t put this one down. The characters and the journey they were on were so compelling that I had to keep reading to see how it all unfolded. Coupled with the very realistic portrayal of the historical time they lived through made this book an intense and enjoyable read on many levels. Congratulations to a dear friend on this amazing debut novel! Karen

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