Time and Regret – Release Day!

Dear friends … I’m so excited to announce the release of Time and Regret.


It’s been a labour of love that has benefitted so much from the support of readers like you and from many other generous and talented people.

First and foremost, Time and Regret would not exist without my husband Ian’s creativity and critical eye for a good mystery. He’s been my muse at every critical step.

A shoutout to beta readers: Margaret Evans Porter, Douglas Burcham, Kris Holtan, and Glenn Stephens.

Grateful thanks to those who offered endorsements: Holly Smith Managing Editor of the Washington Independent Review of Books; Margaret Porter, author of A Pledge of Better Times; Juliet Grey, author of the Marie Antoinette trilogy; Anne Fortier, author of Juliet; and, Elizabeth St. John, author of The Lady of the Tower.

The team at Lake Union Publishing has been fabulous to work with – specific thanks to Miriam Juskowicz, Amara Holstein and Jodi Warshaw. And I also want to thank my freelance editor Jenny Quinlan for the great work she has done on each of my novels.

Time and Regret by M.K. Tod – When Grace Hansen finds a box belonging to her beloved grandfather, she has no idea it holds the key to his past—and to long buried secrets. In the box are his World War I diaries and a cryptic note addressed to her. Determine to solve her grandfather’s puzzle, Grace follows his diary entries across towns and battle sites in northern France, where she becomes increasingly drawn to a charming French man—and suddenly aware that someone is following her.

From her grandfather’s vivid writing and Grace’s own travels, a picture emerges of a many very unlike the one who raised her: one who watched countless friends and loved ones die horrifically in battle; one who lived a life of regret. But her grandfather wasn’t the only one harbouring secrets, and the more Grace learns about her family, the less she thinks she can trust them.

Available at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.UK, and other Amazon sites as well as Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

Time and Regret will be on tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours from August 16-31 and with France Book Tours from September 1-10.

PS – feel free to spread the word

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M.K. Tod writes historical fiction and blogs about all aspects of the genre at A Writer of History. Her latest novel, TIME AND REGRET was published by Lake Union on August 16, 2016. Mary’s other novels, LIES TOLD IN SILENCE and UNRAVELLED are available from Amazon, NookKoboGoogle Play and iTunes. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads or on her website www.mktod.com.

A Shout Out for Lies Told in Silence

Lies Told in Silence CoverUsually, I’m a modest gal. However, I am so pleased with the reviews Lies Told in Silence received on its virtual blog tour that I wanted to share them. And what better place than A Writer of History?

Amy Bruno of Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours organized the tour – a combination of blogger reviews and what Amy calls ‘book blasts’ where bloggers feature the book summary and endorsement blurbs on their blogs.

Melinda at Unshelfish – “I absolutely adored this novel with its powerful themes and strong female character at the centre, maneuvering her way past vulnerability and loss of control. Tod has gained my undivided interest with this unforgettable story set against a momentous period in history. A must read hands down.”

Deb at Bookish – “This novel reminded me a lot of ‘Gone With the Wind’. The characters, places, historical background and the flawless plot all made me feel as if I was reading a companion novel of the classic … I just fell in love with the writing from page one … If you are a fan of historical fiction as I am, you simply MUST pick this book up and give M.K. Tod the opportunity to ‘wow’ you as she has me.”

Dianne at Dianne Ascroft’s blog – “Without a word of a lie, I loved Lies Told in Silence .. an exhilarating romance and a gripping war drama .. In fact, I was so captivated that I immediately bought Tod’s first novel, Unravelled.”

Tony at The Writing Desk – “This is without doubt one of the most moving and engaging books I have read in a very long time .. Highly recommended.”

Becca at I’m Lost in Books – “If you are looking for a page-turning story, look no further than this emotive tale about the bond of family, the fierceness of love, the horrors of war, and the complications of difficult choices.”

Melissa at The Book Binder’s Daughter – “Mary Tod masterfully depicts the struggles of everyday life in war torn France .. This was a very emotional read for me, as I went from felling sadness, to joy, to anger, to hope .. Do yourself a favour and read Lies Told in Silence, if not only for the emotional read, but also to gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities of The Great War.”

Erin at Flashlight Commentary – “Historically speaking, Tod offers a wonderfully detailed glimpse of the period … set against the backdrop of war, Tod writes of lives transformed by combat and the vitality of those left standing when the dust finally settles. Her books make wonderful war stories, but she is in her element writing not of the action, but of those caught in its wake.”

Margaret at Just one More Chapter – “Though mainly focused on Helene, the author has painted a real picture about how this war transformed the lives of family, friends and neighbors. As the title indicates there are lies here, deceit, scandal as well as relational issues within the family, all things that make a great read … Definitely an author I will be reading more of.”

Meg at A Bookish Affair – rates the novel 4 out of 5. “This is a story of love and what it means to pull together as a family in the time of war .. at its core is the love story between Helene and Edward .. I really, really liked the love story. Anyone who is a hopeless romantic will enjoy this story as well.”

Kathryn at The Librarian Fatale – “Tod’s writing is superb .. smooth sentences and flowing chapters lend to the intense yet pleasant read that this book provides.”

I’m grateful to these bloggers who took the time to read Lies Told in Silence. And I’m delighted with their comments.


HFVBT Amy Bruno’s Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours is hosting the release of Lies Told in Silence with a blog tour and book blast. Amy has many stops on the tour and I’m delighted to be releasing my second novel with her. For those who have read Unravelled, Lies Told in Silence is the story of Helene Noisette, Edward Jamieson’s WWI lover. For those unfamiliar with Unravelled, Lies Told in Silence opens in May 1914 Paris, just before the Great War begins.

Available in print at Createspace and in e-bbok at Amazon Kindle.


In 1914 Paris, half the city expects war while the other half scoffs at the possibility. Helene Noisette’s father believes war is imminent. Convinced Germany will head straight for Paris, he sends his family to Beaufort, a small village in northern France. But when war erupts a few months later, the German army invades neutral Belgium, sweeping south towards Paris. And by the end of September, Beaufort is less than twenty miles from the front. During the years that follow, with the rumbling of guns ever present in the distance, three generations of women come together to cope with deprivation, fear and the dreadful impacts of war.

In 1917, Helene falls in love with a young Canadian soldier wounded in the battle of Vimy Ridge. But war has a way of separating lovers and families, of twisting promises and dashing hopes, and of turning the naïve and innocent into the jaded and war-weary. As the months pass, Helene is forced to reconcile dreams for the future with harsh reality.

Lies Told in Silence examines love and loss, duty and sacrifice, and the unexpected consequences of lies.



‘Dramatically depicts the horror and heartbreak of war, while also celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.’ – SHARON KAY PENMAN author of A King’s Ransom

‘An intricate, well-researched novel of life forever changed by WWI yet still sweet with the tender innocence of the age.’ – DONNA RUSSO MORIN author of The King’s Agent

‘M.K. Tod is a powerful new voice in the historical fiction genre.’ – AMY BRUNO Historical fiction blogger at Passages to the Past

‘An absorbing and rewarding historical read .. depicting the ruinous impact of war on human lives across the generations.’ – MARGARET EVANS PORTER author of The Proposal

‘A compelling read right up to its taut page-turning ending.’ – RICHARD LEE founder of the Historical Novel Society

I’m thrilled that these authors and historical fiction specialists have enjoyed Lies Told in Silence. On the tour the following bloggers will add their reviews to the mix.

PS – there are some giveaway copies too.


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Exciting times! I hope you will stop in at one or more of the blogs along the way. And I hope you’ll purchase and enjoy LIES TOLD IN SILENCE.

Available in print at Createspace and in e-bbok at Amazon Kindle.