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Continuing to bring together popular posts on A Writer of History. These are from 2016. The Art of Esoterica or Historical Fiction Research Using Paris in Ruins as an example, this

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Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold

Andrew Rowen practiced law for almost 30 years prior to retiring to write his first novel, Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold. He has long been interested in the roots of religious intolerance

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One Debut Author’s Story

Some authors have written stories since they were children. Others take that journey later in life. Robert Wang, entrepreneur and author of The Opium Lord’s Daughter tells his storey of

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Double Trouble #HNS2019

Beatriz Williams and Kate Quinn were obviously having a blast at their session Double Trouble at #HNS2019. The topic was all about crafting the dual timeline historical novel and having

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Novel 6 is Emerging

As I said on Facebook a few weeks ago, I have a confession to make — the work in progress is contemporary rather than historical fiction. “And how did that

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Meet M.K.Tod

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