Mini NaNoWriMo

I’ve never officially registered for NaNoWriMo – or National Novel Writing Month – usually my writing is out of synch with the concept of dedicating the month of November to the task of creating a complete novel. However, this year the sun, moon and stars aligned such that I was about to launch into writing at just the right time.

Did I register this year for NaNoWriMo? No. However, I have cleared my schedule as much as possible in order to write every day. “2000 words a day is a good objective,” I muttered to myself. So, armed with an outline created using Libbie Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants, I began writing a sequel to Paris In Ruins on November 1.

It’s wonderful to be writing again after more than a year of other commitments, notably the HNS 2021 virtual conference and the launch of Paris In Ruins at the end of March. Both required huge amounts of time and left me with no creative juices to start something new. Oh, and did I mention a contemporary novel that I’ve been slowly editing based on feedback from a freelance editor?

I haven’t met the 2000 words a day target but the story is percolating along in a good direction.

This morning (Nov 9), I stopped writing in order to create two blog posts – this being one of them – and to get some exercise. With those activities out of the way and a fresh coffee at my elbow, I’m ready to start the next chapter.

By the way, I must be doing something right, on November 7, I was in tears over the events that happened with one of my characters.

See you soon. Gotta get back to writing!


M.K. Tod writes historical fiction. Her latest novel, PARIS IN RUINS, is available on Amazon USAmazon CanadaKobo, and Barnes&Noble. An earlier novel, TIME AND REGRET was published by Lake Union. Mary’s other novels, LIES TOLD IN SILENCE and UNRAVELLED are available from AmazonNookKoboGoogle Play and iTunes. She can be contacted on FacebookTwitter and Goodreads or on her website

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  1. Thank you for sharing your non-NaNo – this truly captures the spirit, not the letter! it is so encouraging for me and surely many others of your followers. Looking forward to Paris in Ruins and a sequel!

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