Grateful for every day … one year later

Last year on August 15th, my husband and I were in a plane crash. Miraculously, all four including the pilot survived … for details see the original post I wrote a few weeks after the event.

So this year, I’m pausing to reflect on the wonder of life, the people who make my life so special, the tasks both small and large, both significant and insignificant that fill each day.

The year has gone by both swiftly and slowly. I’ve tried to stop each day for a moment of gratefulness – at times noting something small, at other times, something more momentous. Life is good. We have both healed. Other than pledging to never again travel in a small plane, we are ready for more adventures.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of what makes my life special.


M.K. Tod writes historical fiction. Her latest novel, TIME AND REGRET was published by Lake Union. Mary’s other novels, LIES TOLD IN SILENCE and UNRAVELLED are available from Amazon, NookKoboGoogle Play and iTunes. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads or on her website

14 thoughts on “Grateful for every day … one year later”

  1. Oh my gosh. I’m so glad you survived your crash. That must have been terrifying.

    I used to fly a little Cessna 152. I loved flying, but I made some landings that gave me pause. I no longer fly, not because I scared myself, but because I can’t afford it any more–and can’t justify the recreational use of fossil fuels.

  2. I’m currently reading “Unravelled” and enjoying it. Your plane crash of a year ago caught my eye, read that post. Thank God all survived. My father was a pilot and due to mechanical failure has to crash land his plane – all survived. These close calls and miracles do make us grateful for every day. Thanks for your wonderful writing!

  3. So glad you walked away. Not many people do. Death is but a breath away and we are all headed toward it. Whenever we stop to realize that, life gets precious. Shalom, TK


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