Somewhere in Africa – 19th December 1918

Linda German East AfricaHenry’s last letter in the collection that my husband has.

Lindi (On the Coast) – 19th December 1918

I have just received three of your letters dated July and August from Vancouver, also the various postcards. I am very glad to hear it was such an enjoyable holiday for both of you. You would certainly appreciate being by the sea once again with the complete change of scenery and climate, especially when these are so grand as you get in B.C. Poor old Scotland of course gets dwarfed by comparison when once you leave her shores, but she always remains Scotland.

Here we are waiting for a ship to take us up the coast. We are doing ourselves pretty well and get to bathe in the evenings, although it was probably responsible for bringing on a go of fever, and I went into hospital for a day or two. I am all right again and it was a pleasant change from camp life and diet, especially when I could partake of an egg and an occasional fish. I have nothing fresh to report and just wish there was word of a ship to take us away from the heat and mosquitoes.

Photo above is the main street of Lindi. Source: Getty Images.

I’ll try to find a picture of Henry Tod. I know that he married Ethel Scott later in life – 1947. Since he was born in 1882, he would have been 65 at the time. Henry died in 1975. 


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    1. You’re welcome, Chris. What a find! And as you say, just in time for the 100th commemoration of the armistice. Back to regular programming next week.

  1. This has been such a great read. I want to know more about Henry and his life. I think he would make an excellent protagonist for your novels. You say he married late in life – why was that? Thank you again for the great read.

    1. Thanks, Gale. I never met Ian’s great uncle. However, we have a box of Tod family history so maybe there’s more information or at least a picture. Henry sounds like such a dynamic man I’m surprised he didn’t marry sooner. I’ll write another post after I’ve done a little more sleuthing 🙂

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