Announcing the 2018 Reader Survey

Discovering reader preferences, habits and attitudes

Readers and writers – a symbiotic relationship. Ideas spark writers to create stories and build worlds and characters for readers’ consumption. Readers add imagination and thought to interpret those stories, deriving meaning and enjoyment in the process. A story is incomplete without both reader and writer.

What then do readers want? What constitutes a compelling story? How do men and women differ in their preferences? Where do readers find recommendations? How do readers share their book experiences?

ANNOUNCING A 2018 READER SURVEY designed to solicit input on these topics and others.

Please take the survey !

Please share the link with friends and family via email or your favourite social media. Robust participation across age groups, genders, and countries will make this year’s survey – the 4th– even more significant.

If you’re an author, please share the link with your readers.

Participate by clicking this link. (You may only take the survey once!) Those who take the survey will be able to sign up to receive a summary report when it becomes available.

M.K. (Mary) Tod writes historical fiction. Her latest novel, Time and Regret was published by Lake Union. Fellow authors Patricia Sands and Heather Burch helped design and plan the survey. Mary can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads or here on her blog A Writer of History.

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18 Responses

  1. Thanks for sending the link to the survey. The first thing that struck me, though, is that your question about gender is completely binary and old-fashioned. Where’s the button for neither, both, fluid, or decline to state? You’re eliminating many potential folks from your survey.

    For example:

    What is your gender?

    ☐ Female

    ☐ Male

    ☐ Non-binary/ third gender

    ☐ Prefer to self-describe _________________

    ☐ Prefer not to say

    1. Thanks for your comment, mfennvt. I’m very sorry we offended people with the gender question. Have to do better next time. Unfortunately, I can’t change it now that it’s underway. Best wishes.

  2. I’m all over it, Mary! Just tweeted it out to my now 5,000+ (!!!) Twitter followers, too. And thanks for doing this. So important to your HistFic tribe mates.

    Jeff Walker

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  3. The survey gets better all the time, Mary. Thanks for doing it.

    BTW, not sure if it’s a Survey Monkey thing, but love the colored hands graphic!

  4. I bought Time & Regret as a Kindle / Audible Whispersync duo. It was great! MS Tod, please keep up the good work and publish another novel with an excellent narrator.

  5. Thanks for the survey link. It’s wonderful to have authors interested in what readers want and enjoy. I hope you get a good and varied response.

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