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Haussmannian-sculturesResearching 19th century Paris is my primary purpose for the next three weeks – more specifically, the early 1870s. I’ve prepared myself with a list of museums, monuments, sites, streets and parks to explore in order to engage the senses and imagination. My lovely husband booked us into an AirBNB apartment in the 17th arrondissement and we arrived yesterday, somewhat bleary-eyed from our transatlantic flight.

After settling in, a stroll through the neighbourhood revealed many nearby shops and restaurants – clearly food and wine will not be a problem! Late April is still chilly so warm clothes and coat are required along with the de rigeur scarf – more a fashion statement than an element of warmth, especially for women.

Two more photos from yesterday: massive doors of the apartment building, shrimp with black rice risotto.

AirBNB shrimp-black-rice-risotto