The Beauty of New Zealand

Some of you may know that I’m in New Zealand for two weeks with my mother to visit her partner of 13 years who’s health is seriously failing. A mission both poignant and emotional. As you can imagine, there is little time for blogging, however, perhaps a few pictures of this beautiful country, taken on an earlier visit, might brighten your day. The story of how my mother came to have a partner half way around the world deserves a post of its own 🙂

NZ Punga tree NZ 1 Kauri Cliffs Gannets - mother and chick NZ mountains north island Volcanic mountain used for Lord of the Rings Maori totem pole Geyser Maori village NZ bubbling mud North island geyser

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  1. My parents traveled to New Zealand in 1972 with the intention of buying a business and moving there. In those days, the plane had to make a lot of stops, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Tahiti, and midway through the journey each passenger got a certificate that he had crossed the International Date Line. All I remember was they LOVED it. They were fascinated by the gorgeous terrain, the sweeping vistas, and the Maori children who used to dive in freezing cold water. They also said the people were nice too. As it turned out, they bought a business in the Virgin Islands and moved there. All I got from the trip was 2 Maori dolls which I treasured, and the wistful idea that if circumstances had been different, I might have been a Kiwi as well.

  2. Ah Mary, how beautiful! I am going next December. When you get back, would love a brief list of must-do’s if you wouldn’t mind. Wishing the best for your mother and her partner. TK


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