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TidbitsLike all of you, I follow various blogs, read a few newspapers, and constantly check the Internet for ideas and news about historical fiction, this obsession called writing, and other world and life concerns. Thought I would share a few pieces with you. Who knows, maybe it will become a regular event.

In the October 25th edition of the NYT BookReview, there’s a brief article on David Ellis who co-writes with James Patterson. This advice on writing stood out for me:

He [Patterson] was trying to teach me too. And it was always about the reader. It’s not about winning writing awards. It’s not about how impressively you display all the research you’ve amassed. It’s not about the number of syllables in your flowery description. The only question is, how will the reader respond? If it heightens the drama for the reader–because it makes you love the protagonist or hate the villain … because it tears at your heart; because it turns your expectations upside down–then it belongs in the book.

The End of Blogging? Author and marketing expert Mitch Joel considers whether blogging’s time has come and gone in a session with Mark Schaefer. “For years, we’ve been seeing the “conversation” shift from the comments section on blogs to places like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and beyond.” I hope not, cuz I love blogging.

Juggling Act – On Writer Unboxed, author Kathleen McCleary has advice for managing priorities as a writer. Her first tip: Pay Yourself First.

I recently discovered author and editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog. She has a great mix of topics including this one on writers conferences, this one on author earnings reports, this one musing on frontlist and backlist and many other insights on the industry as well as being an author.

And here’s one from Indie Reader aimed at selling books for Christmas and the holiday season.

That’s it for now. Would love to hear what caught your attention. And for you bloggers out there, do you think the end of blogging is nigh?

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  1. I certainly hope the end of blogging is not ‘nigh’ as I have just started my own blog, and I am finally getting over the nerves and looking forward to my weekly posting sessions. Also, I don’t do facebook nor twitter etc.
    That said, I really enjoy your blog and the information that flows from it. So, thank you:)

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