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HK JournalDuring a three-year expat assignment in Hong Kong, I had a lot of time to myself. Time to discover not only the completely foreign world I then lived in, but also to discover myself. A friend gave me a notebook before we left with a cover title of Better to Wine than to Whine and I filled its pages on random occasions while overseas. Surprisingly, many entries feel equally meaningful now that I am writing full time.

March 2005

Today our apartment was totally in the fog – which felt like being in a cocoon, wrapped in a cloud. It wasn’t scary but instead comforting, as though I had an excuse to stay in the apartment rather than embrace the world. The cocoon held me trapped but cosy inside our four walls.

Lethargy can set in under such circumstances, encouraging one to indulge oneself, to remain introverted. It’s easy to be introverted, much more difficult to be out there, open to failure, rejection, judgment.

A critic might call me a hermit – who me, I would say, I’m just taking pleasure in my own company. After years of being busy, it’s rather nice to surround myself with me.

Do you think of yourself as a hermit when you are writing? Or are you wrapped in a cocoon getting to know yourself better?

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