Celebrating 3 years with a giveaway

ContestWhere does the time go?

I began this blog in early 2012 and here it is March 2015. Three years and 381 posts later so much has happened.

So I’m celebrating with a little contest. The prizes are one copy of UNRAVELLED and one copy of LIES TOLD IN SILENCE.

I hope you will enter. To do so, send me an email – mktod [at] bell [dot] net.

A few words about each novel.

Unravelled CoverUNRAVELLED: Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage.

In October 1935, Edward Jamieson’s memories of war and a passionate love affair resurface when an invitation to a WWI memorial ceremony arrives. Though reluctant to visit the scenes of horror he has spent years trying to forget, Edward succumbs to the unlikely possibility of discovering what happened to Helene Noisette, the woman he once pledged to marry. Travelling through the French countryside with his wife Ann, Edward sees nothing but reminders of war. After a chance encounter with Helene at the dedication ceremony, Edward’s past puts his present life in jeopardy. When WWII erupts a few years later, Edward is quickly caught up in the world of training espionage agents, while Ann counsels grieving women and copes with the daily threats facing those she loves. And once again, secrets and war threaten the bonds of marriage.

Barbara Kyle author of Blood Between Queens: “M.K. Tod’s skilful debut novel spanning two world wars deftly illuminates the subtle stirrings of the human heart as movingly as it depicts the horrors of battle.”

Maryline, blogger at M’s Bookshelf: “What a debut! It captivated me from the very first page until the very last and frequently moved me to tears.”


In May 1914, Helene Noisette’s father believes war is imminent. Convinced Germany will head straight for Paris, he sends his wife, daughter, mother and younger son to Beaufort, a small village in northern France.

But when war erupts two months later, the German army invades neutral Belgium, sweeping south towards Paris. And by the end of September, Beaufort is less than twenty miles from the front. During the years that follow, with the rumbling of guns ever present in the distance, three generations of women come together to cope with deprivation, fear and the dreadful impacts of war.

In 1917, Helene falls in love with a young Canadian soldier wounded in the battle of Vimy Ridge. But war has a way of separating lovers and families, of twisting promises and dashing hopes, and of turning the naïve and innocent into the jaded and war-weary. As the months pass, Helene is forced to reconcile dreams for the future with harsh reality.

Tony Riches of The Writing Desk: “This is without doubt one of the most moving and engaging books I have read in a very long time.”

Sharon Kay Penman author of Lionheart: “a novel that dramatically depicts the horror and heartbreak of war, while also celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.”

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M.K. Tod writes historical fiction and blogs about all aspects of the genre at A Writer of History. Her latest novel, LIES TOLD IN SILENCE is set in WWI France and is available from Amazon, NookKoboGoogle Play and iTunes. Her debut novel, UNRAVELLED: Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage. is also available from these retailers.

Mary can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

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  1. Congratulations on not only blogging for three years, Mary, but also making your blog such a useful resource for WWI history buffs and those interested in historical fiction in general. I admire your focus and dedication to quality.

    1. Many thanks, Alexander. Time & Regret is coming along. I’ve scheduled it for a ‘big picture’ edit in mid May. Then we’ll see how much more work is required 🙂

  2. Three Years! Congratulations! I am only a few months old and looking forward to many more years of blogging. Thank you for all your hard work, commitment and great modeling on how to do this crazy blogging thing. I hope my blog, Historical Fiction Addicts, will celebrate such success. And, should you wish to do a blog tour, have a book review or author interview for your upcoming novel, drop me a line and we’ll work something out. Everyone (especially writers) can use a helping hand to get the word out! Thanks and blessings to you!

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