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Kyle ContestLong time readers will know that A Writer of History is not a place for advertising an individual author’s book or some new author service — or how to reduce your wrinkles or burn more calories, for that matter — however, I cannot resist telling you about a contest Barbara Kyle is running – with the opportunity to win a manuscript evaluation from such an accomplished author and instructor.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Barbara’s writing workshops (you can read about it here) and can confidently say that the winners of her contest will benefit greatly from advice on character development, building tension and conflict, using setting to advantage, developing an opening hook, and the creation of superb prose.

Here are the details:

Contest Opens to Win a $1200 Manuscript Evaluation by Bestselling Author Barbara Kyle

Barbara Kyle is offering a contest for writers in which the Grand Prize is a full manuscript evaluation: a value of $1200.

The contest is open to anyone with a work of fiction or narrative nonfiction. It’s free to enter. Writers enter by sending a writing sample of up to 1500 words. Entry deadline is 30 April 2015.

“And here’s the great thing,” says Kyle. “Winners will have up to a year to send me their manuscript. If the work is ready now, that’s fine, they can send it as soon as they get word they’ve won. But if they need more time to complete it, that’s fine too. They have up to a year.”

The Grand Prize is Kyle’s evaluation of a full manuscript. Second prize is her evaluation of a manuscript’s first 50 pages. Third prize is her evaluation of the first 25 pages.

Full details about the contest and how to enter are at

Barbara KyleKyle is the author of the acclaimed Thornleigh Saga series of historical novels (“Riveting Tudor drama” – USA Today) and contemporary thrillers including Beyond Recall (under pen name Stephen Kyle), a Literary Guild Selection. Over 450,000 copies of her books have been sold around the world. Her new novel, The Traitor’s Daughter, will be published in June 2015.

Through her mentoring, Kyle has launched many writers to published success, including bestselling mystery author Robert Rotenberg, historical novelists Ann Birch, Tom Taylor, and Barbara Wade Rose, award-winner Steven T. Wax, and debut novelist Marissa Campbell.

“Now it’s your turn,” Kyle tells aspiring writers. “Enter the contest for a chance to win an in-depth analysis of your work – your first step toward success.”

You can also contact Barbara Kyle via email: bkyle [at] barbarakyle [dot] com.


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  1. Hey! I just submitted my manuscript to this contest and posted a link to it on my blog, Historical Fiction Addicts. I guess great minds think a like! Did you submit your manuscript? Good luck if you did!

  2. Reblogged this on Historical Fiction Addicts and commented:
    I have submitted my manuscript and am urging all my Historical Fiction Addict followers do the same. What a great opportunity! I have posted this last week on my blog and it is good to see others are doing the same!

    1. I’ve been advised that manuscripts over 100K words or at the very most 110K are seen as too long by agents and editors. They might accept this kind of length from an established author but not someone unknown. Barbara is very approachable, so don’t hesitate to send her a note on that topic. I don’t know what she charges, however, I do know she’s good! So you might ask if she’s willing to take you on on a paid basis – of course, that would depend on your budget. A few months ago, I cut out 12 chapters in order to start my novel closer to the dramatic action – perhaps you can cast a critical eye over your own manuscript to see what can be cut. Good luck!!

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