A Writers Map for Historical Fiction

While messing around on Google, I found this diagram created by the NHCA Library Media Centre

Characteristics of Historical Fiction

I don’t think it’s sharply focused enough – too generic. What do you think and what would you change?

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13 Responses

  1. I agree with Caroline – a good basis for expanding. It is a bit two dimensional, so we need to add the overarching social, political and economic context of the chosen time period, as well as the third dimension of time – is the book it covering decades or days? Also I always try to ask what a book covers that is found nowhere else?

    1. Ooo Super good points, especially about social, political, economic. If we took setting and went to time and from their to ancient Rome, for example would we be talking Nero/decline of the Caesars or Vespasian, rise of the generals. What about the role of Corn from Egypt in feeding Rome?

  2. I suppose if you’re trying to define a genre then it’s ok to be a bit generic… one could develop it a fair bit more as suggested though you would have to avoid being too narrow.

  3. This could be turned into an interesting series of blog posts. Each post can develop these further and open a discussion. An example would be to discuss the notion that “Any historical information that may be unfamiliar to the reader is explained by the author”.

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