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Social ReadersDipping once more into data from the 2013 historical fiction survey, I’ve divided participants into general readers and ‘social readers’ defined as those who “use blogs, social media or other online sites for reading recommendations and discussion”. What, I wondered, is different about these readers?

Here’s the top 10:

  1. a higher proportion of social readers are under 40 and/or female
  2. social readers read more books on average
  3. they purchase online with higher frequency
  4. and are more likely to read e-books
  5. social readers are more likely to be aware that a book is by an indie author (although that doesn’t stop them from purchasing)
  6. more likely to read books featuring a ‘strong female character’
  7. a bit more interested in romance and/or sex
  8. find most recommendations for books from online sources
  9. are more interested than general readers in sound critique from a book review, and
  10. are more likely to belong to book club(s) both physical and online

So, dear readers, what do you think and how will this change the reading landscape and, as a consequence, the business of books?