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M.K. Tod’s 2013 historical fiction survey asked readers to name their “top 3 reading oriented websites, blogs and social media sites”. In other words, where do people go for information and discussion to enhance their reading. The answers are in:

2013 Favourite Online Reading SitesGoodreads is way out in front with 907 mentions followed by Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Historical Novel Society.

Interestingly, when readers mention Facebook they often qualify their response by mentioning a favourite group, author, fan page or the Facebook page associated with a blog.

Compared with 2012, Twitter has leapt ahead and I am delighted to see the Historical Novel Society featured so strongly.

Over 675 sites were mentioned. That’s an amazing number of sources for readers to peruse!


When I have more time, I will attempt to aggregate some of the numbers so I can report on different categories such as small book review blogs, sites dedicated to historical fiction, author blogs, library sites and so on.

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  1. Hallo, Hallo Ms. Tod,

    I was attempting to remember my own responses whilst you were posting your reflections of the survey itself, and I’m still at a loss as to what I might have said! 🙁 Therefore, its always a delightful surprise seeing how the survey participants answered!! GoodReads isn’t my go-to resource, but I do hope I earmarked off the Historical Novel Society – lovely site & I love the interactive features! I might have said Lauren Willig’s blog attached to her site for the Pink Carnation series, as she is always so very forthcoming about historical romances, historical fiction, and period dramas! 🙂 Of course, I might have made it more general and claimed ‘bookish blogs’ for which, I do spent a considerable amount of time outside of reading Ms. Willig’s blog & of course, the dear Word Wenches! Then, again, I could have elected to reference the Society (the Christian Fiction Historical Society). I suppose it would depend on what came to mind as I was filling out your lovely survey! All in all, the results are quite smashing! Lots of thirsty and healthy readers, that’s for sure!

    Now that I am on twitter, I was curious about the hashtags they look towards to finding historicals? Hmm,.. I opt usually for #historical or #historicalfiction or even #historicalromance if I am not saying a specific element like #Charlemagne or #France, #Regency or #Edwardian.

    Musefully curious,…

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