Pictures Fuel the Imagination

In 2010 I had the good fortune to travel to northern France where so much took place in both world wars. Since much of my writing is set during WWI, I took particular interest in areas like Picardy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Not only did I want to see where battles occurred but I also wanted to see the towns and surrounding terrain, and find the small details that might enhance my writing. I snapped away with gusto for a whole week.

Lies Told in Silence — the novel I’m currently editing — takes place in the imaginary town of Beaufort. I needed to create a look in my mind’s eye so that every time Helene, Lise or Mariele went into town I could see what they saw. Not only the town itself but also the countryside.

The town needed to be small, with a central square, flower shop, pharmacy, cafe, boulangerie, town hall and, of course, a church. Houses would cluster in the streets off that main square.


Beaufort house

French Cafe

Beaufort 1

Beaufort en route to Beaufort

en route to Beaufort 2

Town square 3

As the title says, fuel for the imagination.

8 thoughts on “Pictures Fuel the Imagination”

  1. Fabulous pictures, Mary. What great inspiration. I am anxious to return to England and see parts of Lincolnshire that I’m writing about though from my research I already know the countryside has changed drastically since the 1190s. I’d also been to Nottingham in 2010 and there’s very little of the Castle remaining – thank heavens for the archaeological research others have published!

    1. Bringing family is a real treat, Gabriele. The 2010 trip was a birthday gift from my hubby to moi! And while we were there, one night we roughed out an outline for another novel together over a great bottle of red wine and some delicious French food 🙂

    1. Actually Lies Told in Silence begins in 1913 Paris. It’s the same Helene and Edward appears but the story is so much more! I call them intersecting stories rather than sequels 🙂

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