Historical Fiction Survey Update

A very quick post today to say that I’ve closed the historical fiction survey. I’m excited to report that 2440 individuals participated in the survey, 83% women and 17% men.

Age Breakdown 

2013 reader survey age breakdown

Country Breakdown

2013 reader survey country breakdown

For those anxious to see the report, please bear with me. It will take a while to ‘crunch’ the numbers, draw correlations and insights, and pull it all together.

15 thoughts on “Historical Fiction Survey Update”

  1. This is awesome. May I use these stats in a presentation on Historical fiction? Pleasssssee. I don’t believe some people don’t think of historical fiction as a genre.

    1. Thanks Lausanne … I see that you are interested in novels set in Central Asia. I wasn’t able to secure many participants from Asia this year. Definitely a disappointment. BTW, I lived in Hong Kong for 3 years which gave me a real taste of Asian cultures. Thanks for your encouragement.

      1. Sigh, I’m still finding my way around WP and only today found my notifications. Hah. Sorry I missed this earlier. I lived in Sumatra for 4 years and visited Central Asia in 1995. So, yes, I have a particular interest in that side of the world. Never got to Hong Kong. I imagine that was a different experience!

        I continue to enjoy your blog. Here’s to a New Year of adventures and stories!

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