Remembrance – a compelling time

PoppiesEvery November the poppies come out. We wear them with pride and pause on November 11th for a minute of silence to honour those who served and those who are serving.

For some reason I feel the sense of loss and sacrifice even more this year. Perhaps it’s the publication of Unravelled that has stirred my emotions. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that next year will mark the 100th anniversary of WWI, a war of such senseless proportions that the rational mind is outraged. Perhaps it’s the conflicts that continue to shatter innocent lives in places like Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and elsewhere.

Or perhaps it’s the sorrowful awareness that war is part of the human condition.

3 thoughts on “Remembrance – a compelling time”

  1. I think you must be feeling it more because of what your character went through. I’ve had that happen with events that affected my main characters. World War I was such a devastatingly useless conflict.

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