2013 Reader Survey – Just Launched


Last year’s reader survey uncovered insights about those who read historical fiction and those who do not – demographics, story preferences, favourite time periods, reasons for reading or not reading this genre, top authors, the different perspectives of men and women, sources of recommendations and so on.

The 2013 survey will augment these results with a deeper focus on reading habits as well as social media’s role in enhancing the reading experience. I am delighted to announce that Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society, is supporting my efforts.

Whether you read historical fiction or not, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. To add to the robustness of data collected, please pass the survey URL along to men and women of all ages and in any part of the world you can reach!

Click here to take the survey.

Copy and paste this URL to Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere to pass it along!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JCG7NYP

Many thanks,

M.K. Tod

Author of Unravelled – Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage.

8 thoughts on “2013 Reader Survey – Just Launched”

    1. Hi Rachel … the survey will be open for at least a few weeks. My objective is to get more than 2000 and I would like to find more folks in Asia and India to participate. If you have contacts in that part of the world please let them know!

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