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Yesterday, Cyn Gagen who runs Creative Cynchronicity made my day, and I mean she really made my day. Cyn published her review about Unravelled and gave it FIVE stars. According to Cyn’s rating scheme, five stars means “DO NOT DISTURB ME while I read this amazing book. Seriously, I will hurt you.”

Here’s how the review begins:

“I have to admit it – when i was first given the opportunity to read an advance copy of Unravelled by Canadian author, M.K. Tod, I was a bit wary.  I love reading, I love historical fiction – but reading about war?  Not so much.  I anticipated perhaps having to drag myself through the book without actually enjoying it.  I was SO wrong.  By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked.  I mean, really, really hooked.  I started reading it on a long plane trip and every time they made me turn off my electronic devices I was counting down the minutes until I could dive back into this book once again….

Beyond book reviews, Cyn describes her blog as being “all about celebrating the joy, fun, and creativity in every day!  And what’s a celebration without sharing it with your friends?” She offers articles about food, crafts, family activities and much more.

Thanks Cyn – I’m so pleased you enjoyed Unravelled!!!

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