A Blogger’s Biggest Fear

I love my readersWhat’s the biggest fear most bloggers experience? That no one will read what we post.
Today I’m writing a public thank you to all of you who have stopped by, made a comment, ‘liked’ a post, shared a post, found my email and connected directly, added me to their blogroll or in some other way engaged with A Writer of History.
You people are AWESOME.
A Writer of History hasn’t gone viral but I have a steady stream of visitors, many of whom have become loyal followers and that, my friends, is something that I treasure.
Almost 40,000 visits and over 1,000 comments – I couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. Thanks come in return from me as well Mary. Since finding your site via the book marketing article on Mick Rooney’s site I have had some interesting exchanges with you including finding a roll of drums, read and enjoyed Unravelled and found the sad lady in France. I have met Tony Riches on the web with his Writers Desk site and read his book Shell which has a special resonance given current events in Kenya. Also made contact with Geoffrey Gudgion and started his book Saxon’s Bane. You Geoffrey and I have all been new book publishers this last month in different ways and levels.. So thanks again … I attended a lecture this afternoon as part of the Tenby Arts Festival by George Geear who is restoring an old 1891 Fort in Pembrokeshire towards being a museum of military history opening in 2014. 40,000 visits and 1000 comments whow! … Best wishes from Alexander of Allrighters and Ywnwab!

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