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Unravelled Blog TourToday Evangeline Holland, an author and expert on all things Edwardian, hosts a guest post by yours truly titled WWI JOURNALS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE EQUIVALENT OF BLOGS. I am very grateful to Evangeline for her support on the blog tour for Unravelled. Do check out her very fine blogs: Edwardian Promenade and Evangeline Holland.

The post begins like this:

In May 2009 while researching WWI Paris, I found three journals that vividly brought the home front experience to life. These were On the Edge of the War Zone by Mildred Aldrich, Fighting France by Edith Wharton and Paris War Days by Charles Inman Barnard. At that time, Aldrich and Barnard were journalists, Wharton already a well-known novelist. These were people who had lived through it and written about their experiences with great regularity. Excitement bristled as, pen in hand, I read every single word…