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Unravelled Blog Tour

Deanna Raybourn‘s novels were a wonderful discovery for me when she was selected as one of the top favourite historical fiction authors in last year’s survey. Since then I have been delighted with her novels Silent in the Grave and Silent in the Sanctuary as well as A Spear of Summer Grass. Today, Deanna has graciously hosted me on her blog where I’m talking about the journey that led me to begin writing historical fiction.

Deanna is also offering a giveaway – one print book and one e-book!

Here’s how that journey starts:

Summer 2004 – the summer that changed my life. In July of that year, my husband’s company asked him to consider a three-year assignment to Hong Kong. We hesitated only long enough to consult with our children and mothers, then plunged into planning and moving, riding the waves of fantasy and euphoria for the next few months. Everything seemed full of possibilities…