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I’m puzzling over metadata — apparently this is the data that helps search engines find books to suggest when folks like you and me enter keywords into Google, Amazon and other online services.

UNRAVELLED — due out this September — is a story about Ann and Edward Jamieson that begins in 1935 with flashbacks to WWI and ends in 1944. Part love story, part war story, Unravelled explores the consequences of two world wars on one couple’s marriage. The tag line is Two Wars. Two Affairs. One marriage.

I believe it’s a great read, the kind you might get absorbed with on a lazy weekend or take along on holidays or suggest to your book club. Both women and men have enjoyed it.

So the question I’m considering is how readers will find it when searching. On Amazon, I tried the following searches:

  • WWI fiction – 294 books (a smallish number is good). But an emphasis on war is usually a turnoff for women readers.
  • WWII fiction – 1704 books. Same problem as above.
  • Historical fiction romance – over 54,000 books. And really, Unravelled is much more than a romance.
  • Book club recommendations – 137 books. Small number, but who really searches like that?
  • Great summer reads – 345 books. Not bad, but summer is over in this part of the world by launch time.
  • Fiction for women – more than 118,000. Impossible to get noticed in that crowded scene.
  • War romance novels – 882 books.

So, when you’re looking for a good read, what do you search for?