A Marketing We Go

I feel like Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde.

For months I’ve read nothing but historical fiction. Indeed, some time ago, I decided to read at least one book by the top historical fiction authors and so I created a list. Let’s call that TBR pile #1. Then, I offered to help with the Historical Novels Review, which is published by the Historical Novel Society. Pile #2. And since each of these has a deadline, they take precedence over #1.

And now there’s TBR pile #3, consisting of books on marketing and self-publishing. One of these is APE by Guy Kawasaki, a well organized look at three dimensions of successful self-publishing: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. If you’ve ever looked at my previous blog, One Writer’s Voice, you will see lots of posts on being an author entrepreneur, hence you can imagine that Kawasaki’s book had immediate appeal.

Three others arrived in the post yesterday, a birthday gift from my son.

  • Digital Publishing Profits by Quinn Barrett promises 10 strategies to positively impact your bottom line marketing and selling e-books.
  • Velocity by Ajaz Ahmed and Stefan Olander is subtitled The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital. According to Ahmed and Olander the abilities one has to master in today’s world are: speed, direction, acceleration and discipline.
  • Data Insights by Hunter Whitney, a book that helps readers see data in a new light so that it is more accessible, useful, and meaningful. This book should help me understand how to make sense of whatever data I collect through my own marketing efforts.

The juxtaposition of piles #1 and #2 against pile #3 could not be greater. The world of the past – the world of the future. My brain is spinning already.

A marketing I go. A marketing I go. Heigh-ho the derry-o. A marketing I go.

5 thoughts on “A Marketing We Go”

  1. Thanks for this post. I hadn’t heard of APE before today, but I’m pretty sure I have to buy a copy NOW.

    I wonder how Thomas Pynchon would have fared in today’s publishing world.

  2. Perhaps Mr. Kowasaki could be persuaded to write a guest post outlining his strategies especially with regard to Historical Fiction or its subgenres, Historical Romance, Historical Mystery, and Historical Thriller.

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