What’s Amazon Up to Now?

Amazon daily offerJust a few days ago, something unusual appeared in my inbox. No, not a winning lottery ticket or a publishing contract (I wish) but an offer from Amazon. Looks like they’re taking a shot at Groupon, the group coupon folks, with daily local deals and HUGE savings.

Where is this behemoth going? What new business model are they exploring now? They already have an amazing distribution capability, a large and diverse collection of suppliers, an incredibly robust technology platform AND a wealth of data about customers. So why these extra daily deals that focus on local businesses?

I suppose if you were Five Star Painting and wanted to secure new customers, you might be more than tempted when Amazon offers access to their database of people living in Chicago who like to purchase online. All that marketing work you don’t need to do!

However, in this particular case, there’s a problem because I don’t live in Chicago. My daughter lives in Chicago and I recently sent a gift to her that I purchased on Amazon. But she’s not receiving the offers, I am.

Shall I tell them? Nah. It’s more fun to write about it.

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7 Responses

  1. Trust me, Mary, you will come to love these offers when the algorithm eventually gets your zip code right. I scored several tickets to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in Times Square for my kids at HALF PRICE. Soon, you’ll be able to dine out at exotic Middle Eastern restaurants for pennies on the dollar, get prescription eyeware at 70% off etc., etc. In business it’s called vision. That’s why the publishing houses are (for the first time in 100 years) commissioning surveys of readers and authors. The beauty is that In the end, the consumer always benefits.

    1. I think you’re right, Rachel. Amazon has clearly changed the whole paradigm of shopping and purchasing. I wonder if they had any idea where they’d be today when they started selling books ten or so years ago?

      1. I don’t think they could have known or envisioned how Amazon would upend the entire publishing industry and how all of our lives would change in the process. Bezos just knew he had a great idea and ran with it. It’s a lesson for all of us: stick to your vision, your goal, your writing, and block everything else out. Success will come to those with the fortitude to persist until the end.

  2. Love ’em or hat ’em, no one has a grasp of user data the way Amazon does. They wrote the textbook on 21st Century marketing. Do I get annoyed sometimes with their ubiquitous tactics? Sure. Am I glad my books are sold on Amazon? You bet!

    1. So, not only are they canny marketers, but they are also canny tax avoiders! That’s what happens when you get (1) good tax advice and (2) friendly low tax jurisdictions! Move over Walmart!

    2. Apparently their lawyers told them they could do it, but if the UK tax authorities decide to punish them with fines and penalties, expect to a) pay higher prices for the stuff you buy on Amazon, and b) pay those lovely UK sales taxes and VATs. Is that what you really want?

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