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I’ve been in a funk ever since missing HNS London 2012 – which meant missing an opportunity to listen to wonderful speakers like Philippa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon, Elizabeth Chadwick, CW Gortner, Margaret George, Bernard Cornwell. And missing an opportunity to speak on a panel with Emma Darwin, Harry Sidebottom and Justin Neville. And missing a chance to pitch to an editor. And missing the fun of stimulating conversation with so many others involved in the historical fiction community. Sigh.

But, it’s time to stop sulking and GET BACK TO WORK. That’s me shouting at myself.

Almost two months have gone by and although I’ve written some good blog posts, read several novels – historical fiction, of course – become more active on Facebook, done a few guest posts and investigated UK agents, I haven’t seriously engaged fingers and keyboard in the act of writing fiction. As so many authors have pointed out, being successful requires daily commitment to the craft. Blog posts don’t cut it.

Today marks a new chapter.