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Most days I feel like a split personality – part of me living in battlefields surrounded by the sights and sounds of war or enduring the daily hardships and uncertainties of the home front while the other part of me lives with the bombardment of emails, twitter, facebook, blogs posts and the like. At the moment, I also have a third self trying to decide on a plan going forward.

Dithering seems to be setting in. A dangerous state, my desk cluttered with books, pages printed from various sites connected to the world of publishing, a list of to do’s, yellow stickies scrawled hastily with reminders some of which puzzle me because I can’t recall what prompted a particular thought. Even the floor is occupied, one pile dedicated to notes from the historical fiction survey, another pile with edits for my WIP, and a third pile of household bills and paperwork. I am drowning in paper.

But I digress. The point of this post is the juxtaposition of past and present which I believe is particularly acute for writers of historical fiction. Perhaps the solution is to turn off the present and focus on the past but what will I miss? Will a particular tweet pass without my notice? Will an email response be delayed too long? Will a Facebook friend pass me a link of crucial importance?

And here’s the irony .. I’m a woman with a Masters degree in Computer Science. The sound of hysterical laughing breaks out.