Historical Novel Society Conference

The days are counting down to the Historical Novel Society conference in London which begins on Friday, September 28. I will be there – excitement enough given the potential to meet all sorts of historical fiction enthusiasts as well as listening to noted and celebrated authors like Emma Darwin, CW Gortner, Diana Gabaldon, Elizabeth Chadwick,  Margaret George, Philippa Gregory, Bernard Cornwell, Harry Sidebottom, Helen Hollick.

Already a shiver is going up and down my spine!

Tension elevates the excitement – tension from two different sources. One source is that I will be on a panel alongside Justin Neville, Harry Sidebottom and Emma Darwin. The topic, Reader Opinions Revealed, is based on the historical fiction survey I conducted last April and have written about in numerous blog posts.

The second source of tension is an opportunity to chat with an editor about my writing, a brief ‘pitch session’ but nonetheless guaranteed to create anxiety as the time approaches.

Advice, crossed fingers and good wishes welcome 🙂

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