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A woman I know runs a blog called Babes on Bay Street with a tagline of “wisdom, courage & inspiration”. It’s an online community that offers support and inspiration to women striving to succeed while balancing work and life – at least that’s my interpretation. By the way, Bay Street is the Toronto equivalent to Wall Street or other global financial centres such as those in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Zurich.

I’ve written a few guest posts for her blog in the form of letters to my daughter, Lesley. I thought they might interest those of you in the earlier stages of your careers, or those with daughters and sons attempting to travel this path.

I wrote the first letter after rereading The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan. That letter considers Friedan’s messages from today’s vantage point. The second letter includes a top 15 list of things to help maintain balance while succeeding at a career and raising a family. In letter three I reflected on lessons from my early career days.

I don’t for a moment pretend to have all the answers, however, in keeping with the spirit of Babes on Bay Street, I do hope these letters offer some wisdom and support as this next generation of women – and men – take on their own challenges.

PS – I’m not abandoning historical fiction by any means. In fact, my passion for the topic  keeps growing. Next I’m planning to look across the interviews with top historical fiction authors with an eye for commonalities and further insights.

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