A Moment in Time – Hormel introduces Spam

After focusing on top historical fiction authors and blogs and the historical fiction survey, I thought I might include something different today.

Source – Globe & Mail

For most of us the word spam refers to noxious messages sent indiscriminately around the internet. In 1937, the word announced a new product by Hormel which went on to become a household favourite and was widely eaten by WWII troops. Spam was a made up word SP for spiced and AM for ham, one of its ingredients. My wonderful local newspaper – The Globe and Mail – included this picture in early July.

Don’t you love the captions and what they imply about the culture and norms of that time? The authoritative white-coated man, the husband in jacket and tie, the reference to maid’s night out. Perhaps I should weave a reference to SPAM into Unravelled. Hmm, the possibilities are endless 🙂

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